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Dolla Consult is a Personalized Nutrition Consultancy servicing the entire globe. We are able to bring the clinic to you during your busy schedule and time of need. Our team is well educated with years of research and clinical experience in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics.

We educate and work with individuals and groups who strive for a balance between a busy schedule and nutritious eating. We understand the challenges which exist in our everyday lives that make it difficult to stay on track with a well balanced diet. That is why we focus on providing practical advice and attainable goals for all our clients.

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Dietetics  also known as Medical nutrition therapy is a branch of science that is involved with food and its effect on health especially with the practical application and understanding of scientific principles.

Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition.

They advice people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Food is medicine, and it happens to be the medicine that we take almost everyday and cant do without, therefore if you will seek advice before taking a pill, why wont you seek advice on the drug that you take in huge quantities?

It is often said health care reforms begins in the kitchen. This is true because research has proven that what we eat is what we become.

Unfortunately many of us have neglected the fact that our health status greatly depend on the food we eat and have ended up eating a lot of junk or fatty foods in the name of good leaving, leading to a lot of lifestyle diseases.

"The doctor of the future, will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients, in the care of the human body, DIET and in the cause and prevention of diseases."- Thomas Edison

At Dolla Consult, we consider the needs of the communities that we work in, our team therefore provide services for communities in the volta region of Ghana, through outreaches.

Its been a great experience so far, going forward, I look forward to more community involvement.

If you are either too busy, too far, or just not comfortable meeting with our dietitian in person, that is Not a problem! We offer many of our services remotely. Contact Us to learn more

We currently do not charge for the work we do, we are providing care, counselling and screening for all our clients for free.
We love seeing the changes, we love seeing the transformation that our clinic is bringing to our clients, we hope to be able to help more people.
You can always contact us, if you have any questions or in doubt, remember to confirm with us; your dietitians, before starting any new diet regime.
We have a forum which we can discuss any related to diet and disease therefore, if contacting us would be a bit difficult, you can always visit our forum and ask your question and a dietitian would answer you shortly.

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